Auto Expo 2023: MG introduces Euniq 7 MPV powered by hydrogen fuel cell

MG Motor India, on Thursday, showcased Euniq 7 which is an MPV powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. This vehicle comes under the automaker’s new energy vehicles (NEVs) that feature third-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology. This new third-generation fuel-cell system has been christened as Prome P390. MG stated that this system promises to provide high efficiency and performance.

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12 Jan 2023, 11:53 AM

MG Euniq 7 at the Auto Expo 2023.

The MG Euniq 7 will use hydrogen as fuel and therefore will emit only water vapour. The automaker also claims that it will perform like an air purifier, purifying air equivalent to 150 adults breathing in one hour of driving. The car will also feature ADAS and autonomous technology.

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The company shares that its Prome P390 fuel cell system comes with a power capacity of 92 kW. It comes with the highest safety standard and promises to offer comfort, emission-free driving, economical fuel usage and smooth service life. The technology’s intelligent control algorithms will also offer fast response and immaculate control over the vehicle. MG adds that this system can be used in fuel-cell passenger cars, city buses, medium and heavy trucks, and other vehicle platforms.

Coming to the conditions under which this technology can function, the automaker reveals that the set-up can function smoothly at temperatures as high as 95 ℃ and as low as minus 30 ℃. The brand also adds that the fuel cell comes with an integrated architecture without external humidification. President and Managing Director of MG Motor India Rajeev Chaba said, “We arrived in India with a vision of offering disruptive mobility solutions, in terms of both human-centric technologies and sustainability.”

On January 11, MG Motor India also showcased MG4 and eHS electric vehicles for India. The former is an electric hatchback while the latter is a plug-in hybrid.

First Published Date: 12 Jan 2023, 09:42 AM IST

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