Arvind Otta Begins One Of The Largest Mental Health Campaigns In India

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By Amit

New Delhi: The battle against stigma related to mental health is one of the biggest issues in public health today. Although mental health issues are widespread, individuals who have them frequently face discrimination and are given different treatment. They are subjected to stigma, social isolation, and discrimination due to fear, misunderstandings, and judgment. 

It can happen to friends and family members, and it does happen in many facets of life, including at home, school, the job, and hospitals. It is quite possible to recover from mental health disorders. However, stigma and discrimination stand in the way and stop people from getting the support they require to recover and from seeking and receiving it. To bridge that gap and help people eradicate the taboo, various people and organizations have been coming up with different campaigns that spread awareness. 

Dr. Arvind Otta is a Psychologist and mental health activist who has been dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and advocating for improved mental health services for several years. Otta’s commitment to this cause is unwavering, and his efforts are catalyzing transformative change in the field of mental health. 

India, like many other countries, faces significant mental health challenges that affect the well-being of its citizens. Despite progress in recent years, mental health remains a neglected and stigmatized issue in India, with many people struggling to access appropriate care and support. In 2019, Otta founded Psychologs Magazine, India’s First and only Print Mental Health magazine that aims to promote mental health awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The most recent one-month nationwide campaign started on February 15, 2023, that will continue till March 14 with the name “Utsaah”. 

Arvind Otta mentioned that this campaign would have three different aims, all with an ultimate goal to spread awareness and clear misconceptions about mental health. 

In a conversation with Arvind Otta, he mentioned that Mental health illness is still considered a taboo in India, and it is a significant obstacle to those seeking help. The stigma surrounding mental health issues can lead to shame, isolation, and discrimination, which can exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness and make it more challenging to access care and support, but the collective effort of Government agencies, NGOs and Mental Health professionals will bring changes.

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