This Wedding Season, Take Important Pre-Bridal Skincare Tips From Well-Known Skin Coach Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat

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By Amit

New Delhi: Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat from Udaipur who is an award winner skin coach and has created a big audience on social media shared her work pattern with us. 

In a conversation with Zee News Online, she told us some exclusive tips for a healthy pre-bridal look this wedding season.

What is a skin coach when asked she replied? ‘The coaches are trained to know how lifestyle factors and genetics affect skin care conditions. They talk with you about your ethnicity, your activity level, the types of medication you take, etc. All of those lifestyle factors have to be considered because they determine how different conditions are treated and guide your products accordingly as per age, skin type and season’

When we asked why do we need a skin coach? Bhuvneshwari replied – ‘help them achieve their skin goals, and celebrate their success together. You’ll also be able to drive consumers to form long-lasting habits and routines with your brand that is essential for achieving their skin goals’ She further said – that all medicines can not work on any illness the same way it is with your skin, so for that we ‘Skincare experts ‘ are there to guide.


When we asked about ‘Pre-Bridal treatments’ she replied: I give monthly packages for my Brides to be, where they don’t have to spend hours on skin care, as per season, age and skin type I give them complete one-month products, chart to follow in terms of good skin & hair. they don’t have to do much of struggle ‘

Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat is a well-known skin coach and owner of her online skincare studio called – Skin Studio By- Bhuvneshwari where she customises skin & hair products in an organic way without chemicals. 

She has many celebrities following us and is suffering taking all the limelight in the skin industry.

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