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The ancient city of Antandrus is known for excavations, and sometime back, archaeologists discovered a recipe for a sauce in a Roman villa’s garden that was prepared from the internal organs of certain fish, various plants, seawater, and salt.
The name of the sauce
As per reports, the 3,000-year-old recipe for “garum sauce” was remade after thousands of years and offered to the guests of the Aeneas Route Workshop.

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One of the chefs, who created the sauce, states that garum sauce, also known as “Lekomen Sauce,” is very salty and fishy, was used in ancient times, and contains a lot of spices.

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How was the sauce prepared?
As per reports, the sauce is still used in the Far East and many other countries around the world. It uses fish and their internal organs in the sauce. The preparation of this sauce shows regional differences. And in some places, small fish are used, while in other countries, big fish are used. Along with fish, it uses salt, water, wine, rosemary, thyme, rue, sage, cilantro, and pepper, which are left under the sun for four to five months for fermentation in earthenware.

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