What to Gift Your Best Friend for Her Wedding? Here Are a Few Ideas

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Last Updated: February 27, 2023, 10:01 IST

Make a budget plan before you go shopping and only buy a present you are sure she ’ll love.

Making a final decision on the ideal present for the couple can be even more difficult than choosing what to wear on the actual day. In order to avoid all of your hassles, here are a few fantastic gifting ideas

Attending your best friend’s wedding will be exciting, emotional and stressful. While deciding on what you wear on the day is not easy, finalising the perfect gift for the couple can be an even tougher process. And it required a lot of planning ahead of time. How much you are willing to spend on your friend’s wedding is totally your call. But if you need some help with what to gift, then money and vouchers are still quite popular. If you are someone who wants to gift something thoughtful then we have curated a list for you to choose from.

Before buying the gift, chalk out your budget and gift her something that you know she will like. So, whether your BFF and her partner are travel enthusiasts, musicians or a duo who have everything, you can still come up with the right gift.

Ideas this way:

Instant Smartphone printer

You have no idea how handy this particular gift will be. We all click photos which make their way to our social media and then get lost in the gallery. But, what if you could get a print of the click right away? Not only will this gift be unique, but it will also make their precious moments extra special as it will allow them to print out the picture of their favourite snaps. Your gift will help them preserve their memories.

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Bath bombs

If you plan to gift them the luxury of relaxation and pampering, bath bombs make the perfect gifts. Add some rejuvenating mud packs to the sensual and fragrant bath bombs. It will be a nice change from the crockery set and toasters. This gift will also give the couple some time to unwind and finally sit back after the month-long wedding prep.


Jewellery is a thoughtful gift. So, if it’s your close friend getting married, you and the gang can pool in money and get your friend an earring, ring, necklace or bracelet. Gold, silver, diamond, and pearls are some ideal gifting options you can consider.


If budget is not a problem, you can gift the couple a holiday package to any exotic or quiet place where they can get the chance to relax and enjoy time with each other. It can be a foreign destination or a place they really love going to in the country. From booking rooms and spa sessions to getting them enrolled in activities can be fun for them.

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Mr and Mrs gift

For the newlyweds, you can get them matching Mr and Mrs. outfits. Be it a pyjama set, mugs, t-shirts, or pillow covers. You can also add in other small gifts like scented candles, luxurious soaps, and cosmetics.

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