Comedian Amit Tandon Has A Hilarious Take On Dish Served To Him At US Restaurant

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Whether we visit a fine dining restaurant or a dhaba on the highway, we prefer to order the most popular dish on the menu. And this is usually the ‘chef’s special’ dish. Well, we don’t know about you but Indian stand-up comedian Amit Tandon decided to go with a chef’s special when he visited a restaurant in New York. However, the outcome was not so pleasant. In a tweet, Amit shared how he ordered “Chef’s favourite Turkey roast” and received roasted turkey topped with yellow sauce, omelette and stir-fried vegetables on the side. Amit joked that the dish was named “chef’s favourite” because he didn’t have to cook anything in the dish. The comedian shared a picture of his meal on Twitter, and it has left the internet in splits. 

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In the photo, we could see chunks of Turkey placed on a plate in the shabbiest way possible. It was topped with a yellow sauce and a side of tossed vegetables, which included carrots, zucchini, along with red, yellow, and green bell peppers. “I ordered the chef’s favourite Turkey roast. It seems it is a favourite for the chef because he doesn’t have to cook anything in the dish,” he tweeted, alongside the picture. Take a look:

“And which place is this? Wo bhi batado bhagwan aapka bhala karega agli baar hi sahi (Please share the name of the place, God will bless you whenever you go out to eat next time),” a user asked. To this, Amit Tandon replied: “Junior’s in New York. Otherwise a great place.” 

Another person wrote, “Chef’s favourite, restaurant special and any such fancy items are the biggest scams.” 

Some called it a “DIY (Do it yourself)” dish.

“Poor Turkey, faltu me hi jaan gavan du,” a comment read. 

Another quizzed, “How does it even look so horrible?” 

People came up with their own bizarre explanations. A person said, “Chef must have been an IKEA manager earlier.”

Have you ever been served meat in a similar way? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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