Art Dubai Returns With Focus On Artworks From The Global South

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By Amit

The premier international art fair in Dubai, Art Dubai, is returning this year with a selection of contemporary artwork from around the globe. 

As a platform for dialogue about art on a global scale, Art Dubai serves as a space for curation and exposure to works of art from the Middle East and the surrounding region, a starting point for new and upcoming artists, and a forum for dialogue about Western-dominated narratives while facilitating engagement with contemporary art practises from a variety of countries and traditions.

The Highlights

This year, the Modern, Contemporary, Bawwaba, and Digital parts of Art Dubai’s exhibition programme will include artwork from 40 different nations, including 30 first-timers. In its Digital part, the programme examines intersections between art, design, music, and other mediums as well as up-and-coming art movements and influential modern art from the Global South.

Each year, the A.R.M. Holding Children’s programme invites international artists to collaborate with children through bespoke workshops at the fair and in schools across the UAE. This year’s chosen artist is Jacob Dahlgren, who will encourage children to think creatively about their environments in this programme, titled Flag Project. Using everyday craft materials and scrap fabrics, children will imagine and collage designs that will later be sewn and transformed into flags. To know more, please click here.

This year will see the first Dubai public art open call. Applications have been opened for UAE-based artists to submit proposals for the first commission for Dubai Public Art, a newly launched initiative by Dubai Culture. This multi-year programme will bring to the city a series of large-scale site-specific installations created by UAE-based artists. The inaugural commission taking place through Dubai Culture with commissioning entity Art Dubai will be unveiled in late 2023 in one of the city’s most beautiful public gardens in Al Hudaiba, overlooking the Etihad Museum and Union House. 

When: From March 3 to March 5. Free entry for under-18 and for university students. 

More information here.

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